Our Story


La Fabrica is a collaborative of young Los Angeles designers whose inspiration comes from the influential mediums of design, art, and making. We specialize in design & fabrication through both analogue and digital techniques. Through utilizing various types of equipment and fabrication tools, we have seen tremendous value in the experimentation of new methods of developing the built environment. We design with materiality and nature guiding us and test the boundaries of our craft in each project we work on.

La Fabrica was established in the summer of 2010 with two young architecture students during the crutial time of deciding the direction of their careers. Their vision was to create a space where their knowledge of fabrication and design could be harnessed and challenged through the influence of art and culture, potentially taking them on a different path from their peers. We have since grown with the addition of two new members who have the same energy and heart, which serves to be important as we all focus on developing a body of work that is not only unique, but a clear reflection of our growth as designers and fabricators. Each member of our team comes from a different background, making La Fabrica a true representation of the Los Angeles culture, and we all meet in the center where art and creativity collide providing the thread by which we connect all of our work. Our work offers an invitation to the audience for interaction and reaction. This engagement allows the spectator to become a part of the piece, and it is this particular interaction that challenges us to create for different experiential conditions.

Our workspace is located in the center of Frogtown tucked along the LA River where we hope to be further influenced by the ever shifting fabric of the city. We continue to create work that pushes our own envelope and challenges both us and our audience.



LAFA is influenced by its surroundings and is always excited about collaborations.