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Qingdao Bainashangpin Packing Co., referred to as "Cabernet luxuries" is a professional wrapping paper cans, paper tube manufacturer, the company has a full range of advanced paper cans, Paper processing technology and imports of machinery and equipment, is wrapping the tank design, development, production and sales of paper cans factory, mainly engaged in food paper, paper tea, wine, paper cans, paper dried fruit cans, paper towel cans, paper cups, paper cans, paper cans of pesticides, veterinary drugs cans paper, craft paper, cans cosmetics paper cans, paper cans export, incense paper cans, paper pumping cylinder, paper towel tubes, and other fine clothing paper paper, paper cans of design and production and processing services. "High-quality, specialized defensive reputation, re-cooperation" is Baina luxuries same business philosophy, so that customers peace of mind, rest assured, at ease; to better serve customers, in order to allow customers to detour around less and less pay , saving more time for the target, the company carefully built: the "one-stop", "one-stop" service system, to provide customers with accurate positioning, a full range of paper cans Solutions

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